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Définition du geek, qu'est' ce qu'un' geek.
Par jiji, il y a 5 ans.: perso, en tant que technophile je me considère comme geek, et votre article n'y' change que dalle, d'aileurs' pour moi il regroupe toutes les catégories de personnes pré-citées, c'est' juste qu'il' y en a de plusieurs types, dont le geek comme vous le voyez.
Geek Wikipédia.
a, b et c Fillon nest pas un geek ou alors ça ne veut plus rien dire, sur Rue89, 20 juin 2009 consulté le 29 juin 2009. en Definition of geek in English, sur Oxford American Dictionary consulté le 2 août 2013.
Geek definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
The Sun 2012 Give them a call and a reputable computer geek will be dispatched to fix your machine. Times, Sunday Times 2007 All this fuss over a computer geek. Times, Sunday Times 2013 Or are there a lot of sad sci-fi geeks in this world?
What is geek? Definition from WhatIs.com.
As computer technology becomes less frightening to larger numbers of people, society seems to be developing a more tolerant, even benevolent view of the geek. In some circles, it is considered a compliment to be called a geek because the term implies a high level of competence.
geek signification, définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge.
uk / ik / us / ik / informal. someone who is intelligent but not fashionable or popular.: He's' such a geek. someone who is very interested in a particular subject and knows a lot about it.: a self-confessed movie geek.
Être geek aujourd'hui, ça veut dire quoi? Pop culture Numerama.
Il a publié en 2012 une thèse de 488 pages, intitulée La construction sociale dune sous-culture: lexemple de la culture geek. Une mine dinformation qui sest ensuite transformée en un livre plus accessible au grand public, sobrement baptisé Culture Geek.
Urban Dictionary: geek.
The term now enjoys a special status within the technical community, particularly among particularly knowledgable computer programmers. To identify oneself as a geek" indicates a recognition that most people still consider programming computers to be a bizarre act, along with a certain fierce satisfaction in being very good at their inglorious profession.
What Is A Geek? YouTube.
What does it mean to be a geek? Are you a geek? Am I a geek? I guess we'll' find out! The Good Stuff comes to you in playlists of videos covering many styles and topics all around a theme.

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